July 6, 2022

4/21 Rally To Protest Obama’s Broken Promises To Medical Marijuana Community

resident Obama is going to be in a San Francisco on 4/21 not 4/20 as formerly reported and it gives medical pot patients who have been ceaselessly lied to by a President a possibility to let him know how unhappy they are in him. In fact, Americans for Safe Access is formulation a convene on a morning of 4/21 outward a hotel that a President is going to be at.

President Obama will be in city to flog off his re-election campaign, and it is time for us to reason him accountable for his damaged promises. Join Americans for Safe Access and other village members to convene for studious rights on Thursday, Apr 21, 2011 during 7:30am.

President Obama is scheduled to seem during a Breakfast with a President duty during 8am. This is a time to lift a village together, demonstrate a exasperation with Obamas miss of courtesy for a community, and direct that he live adult to his promises.

Who: Concerned Medical Cannabis Community Members

What: Rally for Patient Rights

When: Thursday, Apr 21, 2011 during 7:30am

Where: Outside of a St. Regis Hotel, 125 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA.

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Please, click here to imitation out a flier and discharge them to associate village members and dispensing centers to widespread a word.

If we were incompetent to attend a pointer creation event, greatfully emanate your possess pointer and move it to a convene with one of a following slogans:We are Sick and Tired!Protect Cannabis Patients Rights!Reschedule Cannabis Now!Federal Protection Not Federal Prosecution!

If people are peaceful to carpool to a event, greatfully send me an email at action@safeaccessnow.org.

Join us on Monday, Apr 18, 2011 for final conversations per logistics and eventuality planning. The call will start during 6pPST, to dial in greatfully call 832 431 3335, and enter member formula 1618568.

President Obama doesnt caring about medical pot patients, though we can be certain he cares about his re-election. We contingency make him see that a cannabis village will desert him in 2012 if we dont see some petrify changes. No some-more talking, no some-more lies; tangible process change that will get a feds out of a business of dictating state law.

If we dont see tangible change before Nov 2012, we contingency be joined in rejecting Obama as President.

Knowing a President, he will start to feed us a lot of platitudes about what hes going to do in his second term. No go, Mr. President. Fool us once, contrition on you, dope us twice, contrition on us.

And for those of we who contend a President cant change marijuana process on his own, let me indicate out that he has finish management over his possess Justice Department. One sequence from him would stop a raids and sovereign nosiness passed in a tracks. But he chooses not to give that order.

We should opinion for someone who will give that sequence in 2012.