September 30, 2022

Gibbs orders stop to ganja raids in forests

Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs has systematic that pot expulsion exercises conducted by military in forested areas be stopped until serve notice.

Gibbs’s instruction comes on a heels of a sharpened genocide of Police Constable Anil Persad on May 12, during a fight with 3 gunmen during a pot camp in Rio Claro.

Two of a suspects, Teeleckchand Arjoon, 46, and Jagdeo Seecharan, 47, who were guarding a pot camp when they were confronted by police, were shot in a conduct and about a physique and died during a scene.

Eastern Division officers have mounted a hunt for a third think who transient from a Cuche/Charuma forest, north of Rio Claro, during a gunfight with police.

Persad was airlifted to a San Fernando General Hospital where he was conspicuous dead.

He bled to genocide after a bullet entered his left reduce stomach and exited by a right side of his abdomen.

Gibbs, military officers said, released a departmental sequence on May 17, instructing that military officers terminate from embarking on pot expulsion exercises until serve notice.

His instructions came after Persad’s kin blamed a Police Service for his death, observant officers who embarked on such dangerous missions were not given with a compulsory protecting gear.

Gibbs could not be reached yesterday as calls to his cellphone went unanswered.

Head of a North-Eastern Division Sgt Roger Alexander was served with notice on Monday that he was being investigated for disobeying Gibbs’s instructions.

The notice was served to Alexander by Acting ASP Errol Campbell of a Morvant Police Station, on instructions from ACP Eulyna Julius, conduct of a North-East region.

The notice purported Alexander committed a crack opposite fortify when he disobeyed a official sequence released by Gibbs that all military officers contingency stop all analgesic expulsion exercises in forests.

The notice settled Alexander unsuccessful to approve with Gibbs’s instructions on May 21.

On that day, Alexander led a fortuitous of Task Force officers to several deserted houses in Claxton Bay where tighten to $1 million in marijuana was found.

Contacted yesterday, Alexander reliable he was served notice though confirmed he was carrying out his official mandate. He pronounced a area where a residence were located in Claxton Bay was not in a timberland and was nearby a highway.