September 30, 2022

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Kush Expo – Anaheim, California July 8, 2011

With last years Kush Expo being a huge success and a ton of fun, me and the the guys at HTGB are looking forward to the next Kush Expo July 8, 2011 .

ush expo 2011 should be a big success if Kush Expo 2010 in Anaheim was any indication. Attendees were awash in soothing, medical marijuana expo vibes the whole weekend long.

The dates for Kush Expo 2011 arent set yet, but you can check back here in several weeks for complete date and venue details for the upcoming Kush Expo extravaganza. The convention is sure to have great music (like a Pink Floyd Tribute) and vendors, doctors, lawyers, and more all dedicated to enhancing your medical marijuana experience!

Many of the booths set up at the Kush Expo in Anaheim were staffed by young, scantily clad women who handed out information and product samples. The women pictured here went by the moniker, 420 Nurses.

The official Kush Expo site contains load of great event details, photos, and sign up info. Tickets to the event are $20, but only $18 if you decide to purchase online. Thats quite a bargain for the chance to possibly sample some of the finest medical marijuana in the state of California. This is a fantastic medical marijuana convention going opportunity!

Kush expos claim to faim its wow factor if you will is its ability to let attendees smoke on site. The OC Weekly explains how easy it is to smoke weed on site at Kush Expo Anaheim.

Kush Expo OC is Orange County, Californias biggest Medical Marijuana Mega Show! There will be hundreds of booths and tons of giveaways including free coupons from dispensaries. Live concerts opened by the  420 Comic and a Hot Kush ghril Contest sponsored by