September 30, 2022

Weird and wacky, final week in Louisville

A crime many fowl. Louisville military were called to a Valu Market on Mitscher Avenue around 4:00 p.m. final Sunday, on a news that a lady was walking down one of a aisles with his shorts descending down past his knees. According to LMPD records, Steven P. Malone was held with 4 pounds of duck pressed down a front of his shorts. To make matters worse for Mr. Malone, he allegedly had dual packages of MMs in his pockets (this being bootleg in Louisville). Malone was arrested and charged with burglary by wrong taking. Suspicious that ethanol might have been involved, a cops also charged him with open intoxication.

To pee or not to pee, that is a question. A tiny snowstorm was brewing final weekend, after a Courier-Journal (We check a facts, afterwards we check em again) erroneously reported that Louisville Metro Parks had henceforth sealed a restrooms during Louisvilles renouned Extreme Park, due to stability vandalism. Since a opening in 2002, a Extreme Park has turn a undoubted Mecca for Derby Citys skateboarding teenaged minions; and, as should be expected, requires periodic upkeep to mislay graffiti and make repairs.

But a ghost of hundreds of indignant skateboarderscharged adult with carbonated appetite drinksrolling around aimlessly, and literally with no place to go, was apparently some-more than a Fischer administration down during City Hall could countenance, and a organisation rejection was released on Monday. The C-J ran a nullification Tuesday.

So, we can now safely news to a vast skateboarding readers that a Extreme Park restrooms are behind in operation. Rest assured.

Ganja in my tighty-whities. On Tuesday, Louisville cops arrested 28-year-old Raymont L. Persley in a 500 retard of Finzer Avenue, and charged him with possession of marijuana. They ecstatic him down to Metro Corrections for booking, and jail guards achieved a some-more extensive hunt of Mr. Persley. According to detain records, military pronounced they found a vast volume of marijuana pressed into a front of his underwear, divided into 23 cosmetic bags finished for sale. Persley is charged with dual depends of possession of marijuana, graduation of contraband, tampering with earthy justification and trafficking in a tranquil substance. Apparently, no duck or MMs were found on Mr. Persley.

Bud during Bellarmine. By now, everybody in Louisville knows that a Bellarmine University Knights won a Division II Mens Basketball Championship a few days ago. Apparently, a jubilee is still going on over during a campus of Derby Citys largest Catholic university. Thursday evening, Louisville military stopped 20-year-old Kevin T. Doyle in Bellarmines parking lot, nearby a Knights Hall gymnasium, on Norris Place. Kevin, a Bellarmine student, reportedly had possession of a remarkably vast apportion of beer, including 8 30-packs of Bud Light, 3 30-packs of Bud and several additional alcoholic beverages.

Unfortunately for Mr. Doyle, a cops had been told thatonly mins beforea lady assembly Doyles outline had stolen a grocery transport filled with drink from a Kroger store in a 2400 retard of Bardstown Road. The military assure us that many of a ethanol was returned to a store and Doyle was charged with burglary and possession of ethanol by a minor.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: When your City Hall Examiner was a tyro during Bellarmine, behind in a day, it was not unheard of for quantities of malt libation to be smuggled onto campus, from time to time. The prohibited was, however, roughly always purchased during retail.)